The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross is a Pilgrimage Trail available all-year round to Tourists, Pilgrims and anybody who wants to..Read More

Jesus, you are condemned to death

Jesus Condemend

Jesus is between the soldiers and Pilate. Below is the enraged mob. They want Jesus crucified. People, angry, influenced by..Read More

Jesus, you are taking the heavy cross On your already wounded shoulder

Jesus Carries Croos

The big heavy cross appears as if it needs to be balanced on Jesus’ shoulders. People who are following Him,..Read More

Jesus, you fall for the first time under the cross

Fall Under Cross

The weight of the cross is terrible. After only a few steps, Jesus falls. He has already suffered so much...Read More

Jesus, you meet your grieved mother

Jesus meets mother

A station dedicated to all mothers and pilgrims! We again see the big cross that dominates the scene. Jesus’ and..Read More

Jesus, Simon of Cyrene is helping You carry the cross

Simon Cyrene

Jesus is at the center of the scene. His strength is gone. He seems to be drawn to the ground..Read More

Jesus, Veronica is offering you a Cloth to wipe your face

Veronica cloth to wipe face

Veronica leaves a group of women to go to Jesus. He turns towards her, so she can wipe His face...Read More

Jesus, you fall the second time under the cross

second time

An increased violence prevails in this dramatic scene. Jesus is seen again with His knees on the ground, His hands..Read More

Jesus, you are consoling the tearful women of Jerusalem

Consoling woman of Jerusalem

As Jesus climbs Calvary, He meets a group of women from Jerusalem. Filled with pity from the scene, they cry..Read More

Jesus, you fall for the third time under the cross

Jesus falls third time

This third fall is dominated by the overturned cross that is nearly hidden. It is dimly seen among the men..Read More