Catholic Community Support

Beehive Center for Social Enterprise Administration
Design & Construction since 2002
Since 2002, through the Beehive Centre for Social Enterprise, Krizevac Project has built schools, a children’s centre, churches and other community buildings in the Chilomoni area. We have benefited from local and international, world-class engineers and architects generously volunteering their time over many years.
We want to deliver buildings fit for purpose, as quickly and cost effectively as possible while being ethical and sustainable in the process. When designing new or improved buildings, we follow the following principles;
  • Simple – The construction must be easy and achievable with local skills.
  • Sustainable – As far as is possible and affordable, local resources should be used in ways which do not exploit and which will be long-lasting.
  • Replicable – Learning is important. Where possible standard, repeatable processes and design details and should be used.
  • Rapid – We are anxious to transform needy areas and need to work against inertia. Slow building increases costs in many ways.
  • A good finish – We do not build palaces and do not want a luxurious finish but we do want to work against poverty of aspiration and create spaces which raise peoples’ dignity and community pride.
Over the years, the construction has generated a range of enterprises including a plant rental business and an environmentally friendly brick making enterprise.
Chilomoni, Blantyre (2018 – 2019)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (2011 – 2012)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (2008)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (#)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (#)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (#)
Chilomoni, Blantyre (#)