Every week for Beehive begins with assembly. It’s a time for the whole team to get together to think, reflect, pray, sing, and to share news. Each team takes a turn at leading assembly; everyone loves the sweet tones of the tailoring choir especially and it makes for an uplifting start to the week.

During our recent visit, it was the turn of “Mitsidi”, that’s the place where all the volunteers live along with IT students from JPII. On hearing the news that it was our turn, we looked at each other in horror, sank in our seats and generally hoped that it may all go away if we didn’t think about it. The volunteers are never keen to offer themselves up for singing and dancing in front of 100 or so people. But this time, we had the film crew with us! “Let’s get a screen organised and show them bits of Beehive footage” I said…. pure genius, we wouldn’t even have to leave our seats. “Yes, lets make a music video” Declan said. Wait! What? That wasn’t the idea at all. But there’s no stopping Declan when he has a good idea! So here it is, the Mitsidi gang, lip-syncing to Chove Chove, with some snippets of Chilomoni and Beehive as filmed by the amazing Brian and Ollie. I am sure they won’t thank me for publishing this, so I should point out that it was a quick 15 minute edit, not one of the “real” films, they’ll be coming very soon.

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